A FS object that represents the contents of a BIG file (C&C Generals, BfME C&C3, C&C Red Alert 3, C&C4 file format)

Written by Koen van de Sande http://www.tibed.net

Contributed under the terms of the BSD License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php

class fs.contrib.bigfs.BigFS(filename, mode='r', thread_synchronize=True)

A FileSystem that represents a BIG file.

Create a FS that maps on to a big file.

  • filename – A (system) path, or a file-like object
  • mode – Mode to open file: ‘r’ for reading, ‘w’ and ‘a’ not supported
  • thread_synchronize – – Set to True (default) to enable thread-safety

Finalizes the zip file so that it can be read. No further operations will work after this method is called.