A FS object that represents the contents of a Zip file

class fs.zipfs.ZipFS(zip_file, mode='r', compression='deflated', allow_zip_64=False, encoding='CP437', thread_synchronize=True)

A FileSystem that represents a zip file.

Create a FS that maps on to a zip file.

  • zip_file – a (system) path, or a file-like object
  • mode – mode to open zip file, ‘r’ for reading, ‘w’ for writing or ‘a’ for appending
  • compression – can be ‘deflated’ (default) to compress data or ‘stored’ to just store date
  • allow_zip_64 – set to True to use zip files greater than 2 GB, default is False
  • encoding – the encoding to use for unicode filenames
  • thread_synchronize – set to True (default) to enable thread-safety
  • fs.errors.ZipOpenError – thrown if the zip file could not be opened
  • fs.errors.ZipNotFoundError – thrown if the zip file does not exist (derived from ZipOpenError)

Finalizes the zip file so that it can be read. No further operations will work after this method is called.

exception fs.zipfs.ZipNotFoundError(msg=None, details=None)

Thrown when the requested zip file does not exist

exception fs.zipfs.ZipOpenError(msg=None, details=None)

Thrown when the zip file could not be opened