PyFilesystem is a Python module that provides a common interface to any filesystem.

Think of PyFilesystem FS objects as the next logical step to Python’s file class. Just as file-like objects abstract a single file, FS objects abstract the whole filesystem by providing a common interface to operations such as reading directories, getting file information, opening/copying/deleting files etc.

Even if you only want to work with the local filesystem, PyFilesystem simplifies a number of common operations and reduces the chance of error.

About PyFilesystem

PyFilesystem was initially created by Will McGugan and is now a joint effort from the following contributors:

And many others who have contributed bug reports and patches.

Need Help?

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the developers through one of the following channels:


If you find a bug in PyFilesystem, please file an issue:

Discussion Group

There is also a discussion group for PyFilesystem: