This module provides the class ‘RPCFS’ to access a remote FS object over XML-RPC. You probably want to use this in conjunction with the ‘RPCFSServer’ class from the xmlrpc module.

class fs.rpcfs.RPCFS(uri, transport=None)

Access a filesystem exposed via XML-RPC.

This class provides the client-side logic for accessing a remote FS object, and is dual to the RPCFSServer class defined in fs.expose.xmlrpc.


fs = RPCFS("http://my.server.com/filesystem/location/")

Constructor for RPCFS objects.

The only required argument is the URI of the server to connect to. This will be passed to the underlying XML-RPC server proxy object, along with the ‘transport’ argument if it is provided.

Parameters:uri – address of the server

Decode paths arriving over the wire.


Encode a filesystem path for sending over the wire.

Unfortunately XMLRPC only supports ASCII strings, so this method must return something that can be represented in ASCII. The default is base64-encoded UTF8.

class fs.rpcfs.ReRaiseFaults(obj)

XML-RPC proxy wrapper that re-raises Faults as proper Exceptions.


Decorator to re-raise XML-RPC faults as proper exceptions.